Happy St. Antonious of Sorrento’s Day!

It isn’t only St. V******** who has a saint’s day today. Numerous other saints have a feast day today. I’ve no idea who St. Antonious was, but will hazard a guess he was from Sorrento 🙂 (Actually, I just looked it up, he wasn’t from Sorrento, but preached there and became their patron saint).

There isn’t an enormous sort of ‘naturist’ angle to St. V******** Day, truth be told, other than the fact that, with love in the air, people will, in SL and in RL, plan to end their day naked, lol, but being naked and naturism aren’t necessarily the same thing!

There’s no Sorrento in SL, but there’s La Perla sim (not naturist, hence not hyperlinked) where Pookes and I met up to pose for a few snaps on a gorgeous little bridge overlooking a town that really does capture the essence of the Mediterranean Italian coast.

Hope you all have a terrific day, wherever you are.la perla_001la perla5_001


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