Here we go…

Just a reminder that our new inworld home is at the lighthouse at Su Casa. I was there today and pleased to see quite a bit of activity going on around the island, proof that SL naturism remains strong and a lifestyle with an emphasis on fun, carefree attitudes and a friendly outlook.

That’s it then! I’m on holiday. 🙂

I was going to nip off to Spain for a week, but I’ve opted to stay home, get stuff done and also pick up the tempo of SLN for a little while. One of the things I will be doing these coming weeks is booking my RL naturist hols, and I intend to repeat the ‘What I saw’ postings I did last September, safe in the knowledge that I’ve got a good internet connection in the apartment.

This year’s holidays will be in June and September, which seem a long way away, hence my wavering over whether to head down to the Med next week, but anticipation is all part of the fun. It seems no time since Christmas, and we’re rapidly heading towards March, so I expect that the weeks will come and go rapidly enough.

Strap yourselves in, because I’m hoping to get several posts in over the next fortnight, and also have a regular enough presence inworld, so if you spot me, by the lighthouse at Su Casa or elsewhere in SL naturist locations, do say hello.ella contacts2_001

Over the next couple of weeks ‘Issue 8’ will finally appear, and I’m going to use the time to update links to locations, to accessories, maybe revamp the blog a little. The ‘Mr and Miss SL Naturist’ pages weren’t overly successful, so they’ll go shortly. I’ve decided to replace them with a ‘skinny dippers guide’ (this may not be the final name for it), where we’ll link to locations you can maybe squeeze in a skinny dip in non-naturist locations. I thought about this and I think that most of us have skinny dipped, maybe in teenage years, somewhere or another, and part of the excitement and thrill of it, apart from the naked swimming, is that it’s all getting done in a location where it isn’t officially sanctioned. There’s a little bit of a sense of breaking the rules, of failing to comply with society’s regulations, that makes skinny-dipping perennially exciting. We know that it remains as exciting to debutants this year as it was to us 5, 10, 15, 50, 100 years ago.

So, why not indulge in a bit of skinny dipping where it wasn’t intended in SL? We’ll be indulging, and I hope you do too and send us some pix, which we’ll publish.

I’m also going to get the ‘Moonella’ group active if I can in the next couple of weeks, and maybe get a couple of naturist related accessories out as gifts.

Oh yeah…a word about the photo. I’m experimenting in RL with an item you’ll never find in SL…contact lenses. Naturally, my avi needs to experiment with them too 🙂 . I’m not overly convinced by them yet, having worn glasses since I was 13, but I may experiment a little in SL with no glasses. And the pic, above, I promise, is the only one you’ll see of me for the next two weeks. We’ll try and find other models 🙂