Coming in ISSUE 8 The wrong side of the tracks

Did you know that SL has an railway line?

Well, it does, and it’s fairly extensive. I have to say that, as in the UK, the actual trains appear to be an intermittent service, and generally late, but at least they lack the smell of RL rail travel (yuk!) and overcrowding at peak times.railroad map_001

24 stations over a vast expanse of land, as well as various branch lines

I love the concept of the SL railway for the simple reason that it makes a lot of geographic sense, linking different places that, otherwise, would have no commonality. I wish more of SL could be like this, with some kind of transportation that would link various sims. (Of course, I also wish I could jet off to a greater variety of sims, and decide to visit a nearby SL airport where I could tp to the Amazon rain forest, or theAndes, or the Great Barrier reef or…well, you get the picture. I really do wish that Linden Labs would consider lowering the tier costs for ‘non commercial’ sim use, thereby encouraging people to build for the sake of it, and build in a variety of architectural styles in different geographic locations).

What’s great about the railway is that there appears to be no grand plan. People have built houses, railway related buildings, all manner of things around the railway, meaning that the scenery is forever changing, and there’s always something new to see as you travel (by flying, walking, running or even taking the train).jayne railway_001

I was recently doing a ‘glamour’ shoot for an avatar, beginning at Dubia Station on the SLRR (Second Life Railroad) and it got silly, the number of photos we could have taken, each with a different backdrop. Of course, it’s not naturist, but it’s fairly sparsely populated, and the model was able to freely strip without fear of annoying anyone in particular. I think we maybe did over a hundred shots, pretty much over the length of 3-4 stations. How many more could I have managed over the course of the entire railroad? Thousands?platform_001

I’ve just picked out a couple of shots, and my intention is to expand and elaborate on the whole railroad theme in an article in ‘Issue 8’ of SLN (out soon!). Not naturist by location, but certainly a stunning build to act as a backdrop for photographs.

I note that the station has been built by the ‘Linden Department of Public Works’, presumably builders whose interest in SL is to produce infrastructure. Well, if this is an example of their work, I can only congratulate and encourage them.



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