iphone fun

The other morning, sat at Heathrow at an ungodly hour, I took the time to do a bit of surfing the net, checking emails and so on. And I clicked onto the SLN link, now available in a much more user friendly manner since the upgrade to ios6.

Previously, it has been such an awkward process that I’ve never bothered much with net-surfing, limiting myself to email stuff on the phone if travelling or working.

Being an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I’ve got a lot of camera apps on my phone. A lot of apps.

There’s lots of different filters I can use to tweak photos from RL, and to my delight I was able to capture some of the photos from one of the Fat Tuesday posts, and then manipulate them a little with the camera software I own. It certainly made the ever-increasing toil of air travel a little more enjoyable.



Yes, that really is 5.51 am you see on the last pic. 🙂 And I’d already been sitting for 20 minutes by the time I was messing around with these. You don’t even want to think about what time I had to get up!!!

As I’m always keen to attempt new things, and give my SL photos a different flavour where I can, I expect to use this new discovery more in future, and it will be a fun thing to do when hanging around in wretched airports (as I seem to do quite a bit in my RL)

For those interested in this sort of stuff, the camera bag app features heavily in my iphone pic taking, and was utilised in the photos shown above.


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