Su CasArt

One thing I really, really like about Su Casa (amongst all the the other things I really, really like about it) is that it also exists as a patron of the arts, encouraging users to display their own artwork. As if we aren’t impressed enough by the endless skills of SL builders and designers, we can be equally impressed by the talents of SL players, and how talented many of them are in RL. I also like how there’s a blurring of the RL and SL where RL artworks are imported to SL and offered for sale.

Currently on display at our new home sim are artworks by Bluesboy Gloster, Susan Paquot and Karla Khondji. bluesboy gloster and susan paquot art_001karla khondji art_001

I’ve got Harry to shoot these in b&w simply because the photos don’t do them justice, and you may well be encouraged to head on over to Su Casa to see these lovely works in all of their stunning colours. Some are even available to buy, providing you with a unique artwork for the wall of your SL home.


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