A quick heads up…

…on the last few days of the Elikatira sale. 70% off, which makes each hairstyle a mere L$66!

I know this isn’t remotely ‘naturist’, but I selected one, a ponytail, because it reminds me of how I’ll tie my hair back, sometimes, when swimming.ponytail_001n

And we’re all after opportunities to tweak our look, where we can, aren’t we?

The second one…well…lol, remember when we were 15, 16, 17 and trying to find our own look and failing miserably? Remember that gawky girl in pigtails and glasses at the school formal (prom, for US readers) who couldn’t get a dance or date?pigtails_001v

Yup, that was me! And this hairstyle took me back to my 17 year old self. Shy, awkward, gawky, geeky…spotty too, perhaps, I can’t really remember. 🙂

The sparkly evening gown, incidentally, is a freebie from Flowerdreams. Don’t worry. I’m not turning the blog into a hair and clothes blog! Hair, well, yes, as it often gives us a different look and certainly will freshen up some of the photography. Clothes, though, aren’t on the agenda unless they’ve some naturist link…sarongs, swimwear etc.

A lot changed in the following year. My cousin and I got summer jobs, we visited Cap D’Agde, before it became sordid and an exhibitionist/swingers paradise and was still a family orientated naturist location, and she took me under her far-cooler, far-trendier, assured, confident, beautiful wing and helped an ugly duckling turn into a less ugly duckling.

I just had to have the hairstyle to remind me of my 17-year old self, though. I’ve even managed to turn it into an cheesy-grinned, geeky pose that screams ‘passport photo’ at you.

Elikatira’s sale is on until the end of this week, so hurry over and, as I did, spend, spend, spend.