Beautiful scenery!

I’ve recently discovered the doudiblog, which I like because it’s very different to the usual SL blogs. It’s unique selling point is that it blogs locations, rather than clothes, and has simply opened up a whole new world for me, and now pretty much acts as an aggregator for some delightful looking sims. I pointed Harry in the direction of one such sim, Misali, which is one of those beautifully assembled locations with an emphasis on experiencing and feeling its beauty as opposed to buying.

Harry is always keen to unearth new locations he can uses as backdrops for his photos, and this, I felt was right up his street.

And the photos prove it!

Just a small selection of three photos this time, but Harry has shot a lot more, apparently, and we’ll be featuring Misali in future posts, pretty much as a gorgeous looking backdrop. Rather than having some purpose or point to the photos that often accompany posts, we’re now into territory where we’ll be posting SL naturist photos pretty much for their own sake.



These three photos were all shot in a small bayou in a ravine at Misali, and kind of show off the vibrancy of the colour. There’s a lot, lot more to see, I would imagine, as my own trip to the sim didn’t even point me in the direction of this particular location. More to come from this place!

As usual, apply caution in a sim that isn’t actually naturist.



The doudiblog is written in French, but even if you don’t speak French the photos give you a sense of what the location is about.

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