Bonjour, Monsieur!

One of the things I do like to do in SL is explore historical sims, and if possible I’ll photograph models/avatars in a nude/glamour/naturist setting.

I’ve been over at the Versailles sim, it looks lovely, where you can pick up a freebie skin, a ‘powder’ tattoo to give it a patina of period accuracy, and some free clothes, just so you can get into a period feel.

Versailles is, of course, the former home of Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, who is attributed to have said, on learning of great hunger amongst the peasantry who could no longer purchase bread, ‘let them eat cake’. Historians question the authenticity of this remark, but it seems to have stuck to the Queen.

Our model, in the first photograph, appears to have grabbed the last baguette around (a variety of bread add-ons are also available free at the sim). No cake for her!

Let them eat baguettes!

Moving inside, to the splendour of Versailles’ high ceiling rooms, which I believe are available for rent, our model then slips out of her dress and curtsies to the photographer! (the curtsy pose is another freebie).curtsy_001

curtsy2_001Part of my ongoing quest to pose in vintage settings, I do believe Versailles is a sim I shall return to as the backdrops to the photos are simply marvellous. Versailles is still in ‘winter mode’. I would be particularly keen to re-photograph this in summer.

I’ve tried to give the photos a bit of a sense of being ‘paintings’ (not altogether successfully) in keeping with the period in which they are supposed to be set.


additional historical reporting by Ella

nb: the sim is not naturist, so proceed with caution! That said, ‘roleplay’ is encouraged, to the relationship between courtiers and their servants may well involve some nudity.

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