Red Carpet

Look, I don’t do movies, all right? 90 minutes in a cramped seat, listening to others cough or talk on their mobile phones…it’s not my idea of fun. And when it gets to DVD, it’s no more fun, as I can re-create more passion, intrigue, drama, tears, better dialogue (at least, the dialogue I want to hear) and better direction in Second Life than I can passively watching some dreary film whose characters don’t engage me. I really don’t care about their bourgeois lives and condition. And then I get to watch a bunch of luvvies picking up some statuette as if what they’ve done has improved the lot of mankind.

Our heroes should be nurses, people who do make a difference, not some stick insect in a glittery dress blubbing because she’s won (are you reading, Gwyneth Paltrow?). I feel much the same about pop stars and sporting figures too. Overpaid. Full of their own self-importance. They can’t sing like Aretha Franklin, or kick a ball like Franz Beckenbauer (German soccer captain from the 1970s, US readers)

OK…you get the picture. I don’t particularly like television and I don’t go to the movies. I prefer SL, where I can re-create more passion, intrigue, etc etc….

Tonight is Oscars night. I won’t be sitting up. I won’t know the films, the ‘stars’, or care enough.

But it seemed appropriate to ‘honour’ the event, in our own jaded and cynical way, and also pay homage to those ‘nudesploitation‘ movies of the past.

And so our model takes to the red carpet, wins an award, makes some horrible speech.oscars11_001boscars8_001b



nb: depicting naturism in film -nudesploitation- was a way, purporting to depict ‘lifestyle’ rather than gratuitous nudity, that film-makers managed to circumvent the laws laid down in the Hays Code

As a result, there was a whole slew of movies in the 50s and 60s where the ‘nudist camp’ played a starring role.

3 thoughts on “Red Carpet

  1. I’m not sure who the host was, but a song called ‘I saw your boobs’ resonated with me, with this post and the entire concept of how far America has to go in regard to nudity in entertainment.

    It’s not really that big a deal anymore and I think Kate Winslet (getting them out in ‘whatever you’re shooting right now’) isn’t particularly barbed, but rather Winslet’s recognition that it’s not such a big deal anymore.

    I think this post, given the host’s song on the subject matter, pretty much demonstrated that SLN is no longer reflecting real life, but anticipating it. Keep it up, Pooksie! 🙂


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