Ladies who lunch

I have a small circle of SL friends that I get together with when we’re both online. Several are ladies of a similar RL age, and we manage to gossip about things that are mutual reference points. Last night’s TV. Doesn’t Kate Middleton look lovely? Just everyday things. SL simply forms a visual backdrop to this workaday conversation.

Depending on the time of day I do get on, different friends may be available. One such friend, Maura, the grey-haired lady in the photos, usually turns up around lunchtimes and so we’ve often had lunch together in SL while, yes, eating lunch in different parts of the world (but the same time zone).ladies who lunch_001 ladies who lunch3_001 ladies who lunch4_001

I decided that we’d record this by embarking on a short photo-essay, and as some of it was done ‘in the nude’, we’re naturists after all, it made me think of those bijou cafes in some naturist locations where it was entirely possible, and probably still is, to eat au naturel. 

We were joined by Maura’s Spanish friend, Maz, and while the photograph evokes images of female naturists on a terrace after a nice lunch, the reality of the conversation here was Maz actually pumping us for information about places worth seeing in the UK outside London, as she’s hoping to come to the UK in August.mazzie and maura do lunch4_001

Maura and Maz then went on to another SL location to actually show themselves eating lunch (I wasn’t in these as the telephone rang and I got called away from SL for a while!)



Just so wrong!!!!

We’re pretty scathing about SDI. While it’s extremely popular, it’s a circus full of freaks. The bearded lady, surely, is just out of shot.

I loathe the place for its capacity to attract, well, what are clearly art class fail teens to the keyboard.

If you want a lot of social activity, knock yourself out, but really…..

Harry went over there in the small hours of a European night, when it was showing itself to be very well populated and, he says, largely lag free despite this.

But having read my previous comments about it, he thought I’d like a couple of photos.

sdi conga linesdi just wrong


The first one isn’t bad, a conga line of SDI users with at least a couple of the avatars well proportioned and attractive. Females more than males, it must be said. Guys seem to have very little sense of proportion, developing tree-trunk like thigh muscles on top of tiny, tiny calves. It just looks weird. As for shoulders, has no one told them gridiron players have some manufactured protection to make them look like that? Their shoulders aren’t actually that shape!

But I’ll reserve my deepest contempt for the guy, whose head we’ve replaced with a black hexagon, to protect his anonymity. Look at the genitalia! Ridiculously proportioned (is it baseball season already?) and a wretchedly poor colour match. It just shows everything I find wrong about SDI!