ISSUE 8 Kayaking

I was passed the following photo…???????????????????????????????

…by a reader who enquired, ‘Nude Kayaking? Any chance you could report it?’

We do our best to please, so I had a scout about for locations. I did find a clothing optional beach where it was available (a beach new to me, a report coming up!) but the kayak didn’t seem to want to rezz itself for me properly.

So I moved on from there and did find a place where kayaking worked. The paddle didn’t, unfortunately, rezz, but never mind, I could still steer the kayak. I took to the water (complete with new, ‘straggly’ hair to create the impression the surf and wind was playing havoc with it) and hey, presto, some photos.pookes kayaking6_001pookes kayaking2_001

Suitably impressed, as it was a SL first for me, I’ve decided I’ll cover a bit more in the way of sailing, in general, for a post in Issue 9,  so expect an extended stay in Eden for that one! In the meantime I’ll make do with just these photos for now. I have to say that the emphasis here has to be on ‘fun’. I found that I could have merrily sailed around, looking at boats and scenery, for hours. After a while in SL you can get jaded doing the same sort of things, and it’s fabulous that there are still new things to try and simply enjoy for their own sake.


One thought on “ISSUE 8 Kayaking

  1. Why not visit Naked Dreams in The Eden group of Islands. You have several different water craft to choose from including single and double kayaks.

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