ISSUE 8 Kayaking

I was passed the following photo…???????????????????????????????

…by a reader who enquired, ‘Nude Kayaking? Any chance you could report it?’

We do our best to please, so I had a scout about for locations. I did find a clothing optional beach where it was available (a beach new to me, a report coming up!) but the kayak didn’t seem to want to rezz itself for me properly.

So I moved on from there and did find a place where kayaking worked. The paddle didn’t, unfortunately, rezz, but never mind, I could still steer the kayak. I took to the water (complete with new, ‘straggly’ hair to create the impression the surf and wind was playing havoc with it) and hey, presto, some photos.pookes kayaking6_001pookes kayaking2_001

Suitably impressed, as it was a SL first for me, I’ve decided I’ll cover a bit more in the way of sailing, in general, for a post in Issue 9,  so expect an extended stay in Eden for that one! In the meantime I’ll make do with just these photos for now. I have to say that the emphasis here has to be on ‘fun’. I found that I could have merrily sailed around, looking at boats and scenery, for hours. After a while in SL you can get jaded doing the same sort of things, and it’s fabulous that there are still new things to try and simply enjoy for their own sake.


ISSUE 8 Replicating real life

Another in the occasional series of replicating RL photos in SL.

The first one is lovely to my eyes, and I think it’s because it conveys sensuality, proving you don’t need to be fully naked to create that mood.

A topless lady, she reveals, well, nothing! Her face is hidden by the camera angle and the hat. We only guess at her hair. She’s ‘only’ topless, but the entire image offers a sense of the joie de vivre involved in nude swimming (or, in this case, topless bathing).

bikini briefs and hat


ISSUE 8 Is it just me or…

…are people breaking away from that Dorian Grey/Peter Pan forever youthful look?

I take a bit of an interest in ‘the older avatar’, being one myself in SL, and also being that bit older in RL.

On my travels I’ve been noticing that people, men and women alike, are adopting older skins. Well made ones, too. The market’s still small, and probably always will be small, but it’s a niche that some skin designers are prepared to fill, and doing it well.

Elegant Mature is one such store. Not ‘cheap’, but much cheaper than some of the 20-something skins available around the grid. Certainly well worth the money for what you get. There’s a greater range than that photographed, so my advice is to tp over there if you wish to adopt a more mature look.

elegant mature1elegant mature2

First Lady is another such store that does some older, female skins that look fabulous, as well as a range of other, younger ones and some exceptional black and Asian skins. One thing I love about this store is that the skins are modelled nude, so you get some indication of the ‘full effect’. Other skin designers please take note!

first lady

Apologies for the quality of the photos. I’m not a SL photographer, in the general scheme of things.

Of course, being ‘older’ in SL doesn’t mean you have to wear an ‘old’ skin. I get by with a bog-standard freebie skin (there are always loads available) and with a bit of care you can make even a ‘young’ skin look and feel right on what’s intended to be an older avatar. I accentuate this by wearing white hair. Now, in real life my hair isn’t that white, being sort of  a washed-out black now (OK…dark grey!) and increasing amounts of white at my temples. I suppose I might need to think of dying it soon. 😦 But the white hair in SL creates an illusion of age. As does the hair style! It’s important to get an appropriate style that fits with your intended age.

Equally important is being realistic about the figure that accompanies the avatar. Don’t be afraid, as a woman, to increase the level of gravity on the breasts, widen the hips, round out your bottom, and give it more body fat. It doesn’t mean being ‘unattractive’, simply being truthful. It’s called ageing! Don’t be afraid to embrace it and look the part accordingly.

Finally, a word about clothes. Again, think of the overall impression of your avatar. One of the skins shown above will not look right in a mini-skirt, so don’t buy them! Pick clothes that will be more accurate in their impression of your avatar’s age. OK, so I hang around in naturist sims a lot of the time, so clothes aren’t always important, but I do have to get dressed occasionally, and I’ll pick outfits that reflect a 40-something woman. Formal dresses always look great. Jeans are fine. Tank tops, too, if you’re going for a casual look. But if I’m going to go swimming, for example, at a clothed sim, then a one piece swimming costume looks better than a bikini. No thongs, please!


ISSUE 8 Different vistas

The important, genuine naturist locations around the grid have a variety of geography, from the water-borne, island archipelago feel of Eden, something not replicated in any shape or form in RL in size or scope,  to the island feel of Su Casa, which (minus the little homes up the mountainside) is very much like the Ile du Levant, to my way of thinking). The French Gay naturist sim has very much a french feel, and maybe shades of Ile du Levant too, and Rokutman Westinghouse’s builds always have a Mediterranean feel. Eden, if anything probably has a little of a Caribbean vibe, something like St. Maarten?

But there is much, much more to the sort of geography naturists utilise. American clubs are often ‘landed’ -they own their own grounds, in other words- and would often have a little bit of a ‘ranch’ ambience. French inland naturists will utilise places with bodies of running water, such as gorges, mountain tracks and so on, where they’ll set up naturist camping resorts (Le Colombier, for example). Some are set in woodlands close to the sea.

Scandinavian naturists may often find their activities centre on a sauna next to a glacier-fed fjord. Germans would be keen on naked cycling and hiking, as well as utilising lakes for naturist activity. Each nation adopts its naturism to the geography within it.

Of course, much naturist activity is coastal, as are SL naturist locations. This isn’t a criticism of SL’s builders. It’s an obvious thing to base builds next to water, naturist or otherwise, and most builders will tend to flatter land, next to the sea, for their builds.

With this in mind, I decided that we should attempt to photo-essay various locations, not all necessarily naturist, and practice naturism within them for the express purpose of giving photos a different ‘feel’. In each instance, the expectation is that location creates the ‘feel’ or the ambience of a RL naturist venue.

We’ve already started on this project, with Harry photographing ‘action men’ (an ongoing series), and Pookes kayaking. pookes kayaking4_001This is a trend that will continue in subsequent issues and standalone posts of SLN.

The point is, although we don’t have an SL naturist location in mountainous terrain, while the French set naturist campsites in gorges, and while we don’t (currently) have a naturist camping ground (like El Portus, Spain) for example, we can have some of these represented pictorially.

Oh, and we don’t have an SL equivalent to a British naturist club on a wet Bank Holiday Monday either! 🙂 You know, I might even make it a goal to replicate that in the pages of SLN too!


ISSUE 8 Guest column by Emmanuelle Warden

emma's guest column

If you translate SLN into your own language with an online translator, do not worry about the embedded text in the photo (above). I have paraphrased its meaning in the first paragraph (below)

Если вы переводите SLN на своем родном языке с онлайн-переводчик, не беспокойтесь о встроенном текст на фото (см. выше). Я перефразировал его значении в первом пункте (см. ниже)

إذا كنت تترجم إلى لغتك SLN الخاصة مع ترجمة على الانترنت، لا تقلق بشأن النص جزءا لا يتجزأ في الصورة (أعلاه). وقد اقتبس I معناها في الفقرة الأولى (أدناه)

Jeśli tłumaczysz SLN do własnego języka z internetowego tłumacza, nie martw się o wbudowany tekstu na zdjęciu (powyżej). I parafrazując jego znaczenie w pierwszym akapicie (poniżej)

Wenn Sie SLN übersetzen in Ihrer eigenen Sprache mit einem Online-Übersetzer, nicht über den eingebetteten Text auf dem Foto (oben) zu kümmern. Ich habe seine Bedeutung im ersten Absatz paraphrasiert (unten)

Si vous traduisez SLN dans votre propre langue avec un traducteur en ligne, ne vous inquiétez pas le texte inclus dans la photo (ci-dessus). J’ai paraphrasé son sens dans le premier paragraphe (ci-dessous)

Als je SLN vertalen in uw eigen taal met een online vertaler, maak je geen zorgen over de geïntegreerde tekst in de foto (hierboven). Ik heb geparafraseerd de betekenis in de eerste paragraaf (hieronder)


당신이 온라인 번역기를 사용하여 자신의 언어로 SLN를 번역하는 경우, 사진 (위)에 포함 된 텍스트에 대해 걱정하지 마십시오. 나는 (아래) 첫 번째 단락에서 의미 구절을 읊습니다

Eğer bir online çevirmen kendi diline SLN çevirirseniz, fotoğraf (yukarıda) gömülü metin hakkında endişelenmeyin. I (aşağıda) ilk paragrafın anlamını paraphrased oylandı


When I was blogging, Ella and I had an in-joke about her covering three perennial naturist issues, body piercings, body hair and circumcision. She always refused. Now that she’s asked me to write a guest column for SLN, I’ve decided to ‘get my own back’ and write the article I always wanted from her! 🙂

I can only give you my personal views, as there’s certainly no definitive view on any of the above topics. Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice. But in the days before the internet shrank the world, and allowed us access to a wide repository of pictorial evidence that ‘normalised’ so much, the three topics above were perennial topics of discussion in naturist magazines.

Body piercing

Personally, I’m not in favour because I’m just too squeamish! I’ve got my ears pierced in real life, but that is the extent of my piercing experience! That aside, I do think that some body piercings look lovely and can be very sexy indeed. I did contemplate a belly piercing at one point, but was largely put off by the fact that my friend had it done and the piercing became infected, which kind of put me off. Of course, in SL I’m less prone to pain 🙂 so at various times I’ve had a nose stud, ear-rings, belly piercing and…yes…even nipple and genital piercings.sln8 emma clit ringsln8 emma nip chainsln8 emma nip ring

I know there are some very pretty body and genital piercings out there, so if it’s something you like the look of….go for it!

Of course, nipple rings can also be (and are) worn by men, but what about genital piercings for them? Away back in the day, when I was a regular blogger and in SL most days, one of my male friends had a lovely looking cock ring, but I’ve not actually found anywhere that’s selling them in SL or on the marketplace.

(Ella comments: ‘Yes, one of my SL friends is an aspiring builder, and is currently working on some stuff we may be able to give away as group gifts through the Moonella Group. He’s currently working on a such an item, and if it is a successful build we’ll offer it through the group. He’s also looking at producing a Prince Albert piercing -ouch- and a range of other piercings, with the intention of eventually opening his own shop on the marketplace or in world. I can’t speak of the methodology of building, as apart from one bad T shirt it’s not something I’ve ever ventured into, but it’s certainly something that may materialise through SLN and Moonella in the future. I’ve got him to send me a pic of the early stages of development, see below, as long as I point out that this is a deliberately early pic of a work in progress, and the finished article will be intended to look better than this. I was going to keep this under wraps for now, but it seems an appropriate place to give everyone a heads up. Typically, though, the intention will be to begin with simple things, such as tank tops and swimwear, not designed by me, lol, free with SLN logos on them, through Moonella. Infomercial ends! 🙂 )

cock ring_001ne

Body Hair

When I blogged, I generally was ‘natural down there’, but in recent months I’ve tended to be a less regular visitor in SL, and quite often clothed when I do get in, so the ‘muff’ has gone, to save time attaching and detaching. I confess there was a time when my SL pubic appearance matched my real life moods, which were generally hairy in the winter months, trimmed more for summer (or shaved). If you’re going to go hairy, then Nearly Tactile is the pubes shop of choice. Armpit hair -hey, I’m European, familiar with European beaches, textile and naturist, where ladies quite often don’t shave their pits- used to be available inworld and looked terrific on those who wore it but, again, that inventiveness appears to have been lost to the grid. Shame. And guys, Nearly Tactile offers ‘man muffs’. Please buy one and use it! The ‘join’ between the penis and the body often looks badly done on men who opt for the shaved look in SL, and the colours often mis-match. A man muff generally hides this awkward join. Just a personal observation, you understand? But again it comes down to personal choice. Some skins do lovely shaved vaginas, others aren’t so accurate, so ladies probably want to take care in selecting a skin. And I’d personally like to see skin designers put them out ‘nude’ in their stores, so we can see the full effect not covered up with ridiculous pasties!

(Ella comments: ‘I’ve IMed Bation, who owns Nearly tactile, to see if she’d be interested in producing armpit hair to the same excellent quality as her muffs, but haven’t received a reply yet)lcomments: ‘I’ve IMed Bation, who owns Nearly tactile, to see if she’d be interested in producing armpit hair to the same excellent quality as her muffs, but haven’t received a reply yet)


All I’m going to say is that the vast majority of SL men are circumcised, probably as it accurately reflects their reality. Being from Europe, where circumcision isn’t practiced so much, I’d say that foreskins are just OK in SL in terms of their design, but aren’t often desperately accurate. If there’s one thing I’d like to see it’s more of a variety in the range of foreskins available, as different men do have a different ‘look’. Ultimately, it’s your avatar, baby, so whatever you prefer, use it.


Xcite’s foreskin is by far the best I’ve seen, and the photos above show an uncut, uncircumcised penis emerging from the foreskin in various stages of erection. The model is wearing a Nearly Tactile man muff, which hides the join between the body and the penis. Even in the hands of a skilled avatar, coloration isn’t 100%, and the muff helps to blend the difference to some extent.


ISSUE 8 Opinion: Keep Calm…


When I started blogging, it was surprising how coy people were about showing nipples in posts or in shops, too. I’m not taking any credit for the way in which that seems to have changed over the past year, Emma’s 2ex board predated us, for a start, and other bloggers were also showing some skin.

I’m surprised that we’ve not broken through another barrier…men’s briefs…where blogging is concerned.


Yes! Bloggers are still reticent to show a penis when blogging. I’m not going to over-criticise, as bloggers will know their readers’ demographic better than I do, but in a virtual world where violence of different hues is never far away (Gor, BDSM, warfare sims) I remain slightly surprised that bloggers haven’t…er…grasped this issue yet.

To me, there is nothing remotely offensive about the naked human form, either in pixellated or flesh and blood form, while I do take offence at blogs glorifying violence. I’m not going to name names, or even get into a debate about it, as Gorean culture isn’t my field of expertise. I’ve had debate in the past where it has been defended because ‘sometimes it’s the women who are the stronger, the predatory’. That may or may not be true, but observed from the outside it’s (largely) a society of submissive woman lorded over by dominant men, a view certainly upheld by the likes of science fiction writer Michael Moorcock.

It’s unfair to single out Gor (in the context of SL).

Even ‘naturism’ on the grid has some ‘issues’ that need addressing regarding sexual politics and exposed genitalia. While we’ve got a few terrific naturist locations, there are those whose comprehension of naturist values is negligible. A brief search will reveal a list of locations classified (by the sim builders themselves) as ‘naturist’, while utilising search tags like…well, insert a list of four letter words here, alongside things like BDSM. It’s impossible to say that sex doesn’t form a very important element of naturism, in certain circumstances, but it isn”t the over-arching purpose of the lifestyle. Naturism is, in the main, a couples dominated lifestyle, and the sex therein will very much be within the context of a stable relationship between two people, whether it’s a gay or heterosexual relationship. Libertine attitudes, or ‘swinging’ or ‘exhibitionism’ aren’t really part of it at all, unless you count a section of the Cap D’Agde resort in France, and the activities of these ‘swingers’ have done nothing other than harm the reputation of wholesome, family orientated naturism.

As with Gorean defence of the subjugation of women, the swingers defend their activities as ‘only a small section of the beach’ in a naturist town of 40,000 people. I don’t think it’s accidental that the swingers’ section is know as the Baie des Cochons, the Bay of Pigs, because that -to my way of thinking- is exactly how these swingers behave, and their gluttony for hedonism taints the rest of us, reinforcing attitudes that disappointingly get reflected in SL. Because a little of it happens, it makes it OK, both in the continuation of slaves in Gor, and hedonists in SL naturism.

I will still, occasionally, encounter a male ‘nudist’ in SL whose conversation readily turns to sex a few sentences after saying ‘hello’. Sporting a ridiculous body shape (waist the size of an anorexic, shoulders as wide as the Bosphorus) and equally outlandishly proportioned penis, less ‘sexual organ’, more ‘third leg’, it’s clear that he’s not particularly au fait with naturism, its values, its purpose, its central tenets or anything else. It’s just a short cut to nudity and the expectation of indulging in cybersex as quickly as possible.

Granted, over the course of my four years in SL things have got better. It used to be guys who hadn’t even managed to locate an AO, but had obtained a freebie penis (I’m sure they still exist) about 25 shades away from the rest of their skin tone. Permanently erect, they’d lurch up to indulge in ‘conversation’ that was painful to endure. They seem to have gone nowadays. Guys will spend money, spend time on developing a decent enough looking avi, and on being slightly better conversationalists than previously. If only some didn’t still indulge in the ‘third leg’ geometry of their equipment!

I think the point is, in a rambling sort of way, that SL and its users are growing up. How quickly before we see bloggers grow up to accept that the sight of a penis on their blogs (those blogging male skins are particularly guilty) won’t make the world spin off its axis? How quickly before they accept this is part of the human condition and, by extension, the pixellated condition?

It depends. In a society where Janet Jackson’s Superbowl nipple causes howls of anguish, while we can be bombarded with pornographic images of war, dressed up as ‘news’, we may still have some distance to travel.

In the meantime, I hope that RL society accepts that humanity comprises of two basic models, and without our clothes things aren’t very much different from one model to the next. I hope that bloggers in SL can perhaps realise that most SL users, even teenagers, are probably highly aware what male genitalia looks like and aren’t going to be frightened by it in a blog post.


ISSUE 8 Supermercado

One of the things I do have to do when we go on holiday is shop. My usual RL haunt doesn’t cater for naturist shopping, other than a small bakery frequented by naturists for their fresh, daily bread. And a little van travels the area each morning, so it’s not unusual to see a line of people, either fully nude or wrapped in pareo, at 730am, collecting their bread.

But there are places, Cap D’Agde, or some of the other French naturist camp sites, where the on-site facilities include a shop that will offer basic provisions, and it won’t be at all unusual to see naked people mulling over the fruit and vegetable counter.

I have used such places in the past, but I’m one of those who will cover up, in a pareo, usually, while shopping.

While wandering the sims of SL I’m often struck by the lack of some basic amenities, often because they can’t really be monetised to any great degree. This is a shame, since doing ordinary things in a virtual setting can sometimes be terrific fun.

I would like to see Linden Labs encourage the building of more ‘basic amenities’ by reducing tier costs and rental to nominal levels. They must have a lot of ‘dead’ and empty shops and server space, so why not kick-start the SL economy again by encouraging ‘non profit’ building? (Yes, I know most SL amenities are essentially non-profit, with few avatars actually making money from their shops, and choosing to do it as a labour of love and for fun and relaxation). Encourage people in, let them build bits that form the basis of any economy, the butchers, the bakers and candle-stick makers, for low, low rent. Basic geographical builds too, as well as not-for-profit shopping. Where are the mountain ranges? Rain forests? Deserts? None can make money, but would certainly add to the variety of SL.supermarket7_001supermarket2_001bsupermarket8_001bsupermarket5_001

And so it is with the supermarket. A weekly occurrence for all of us, but surprisingly thin on the ground in SL. Nonetheless, we managed to locate one, and get some shots of a holidaying naturist mum getting the groceries in. The hand-held basket is a freebie to pick up, and the larger baby-buggy/shopping trolley is rezzable so you can push ‘baby’ around the frozen food aisles. Anyone who has ever holidayed in the likes of (French naturist city) Cap D’Agde will be very familiar with this sort of scene, where it is possible to shop nude.