New 7 Hills (2)

Pookes has beaten me to it! But I still headed over to the new 7 Hills place to check it out in more depth. Pookes’ report for SLN is pretty accurate, so there’s little more than for me to add than I simply adored the naked horse riding! A brand new experience, and a lot of fun. From what I can see between my first very brief visit and today is that it seems to be in development. Things that weren’t there (or I hadn’t noticed) have been added, and I look forward to seeing how it develops with interest. 7 hills2_001 copy7 hills3_001 copy7 hills6_001 copyOh yeah! I was dancing, lol!!!! That must also be almost a first in SL for me!!!! Blame it on the pirate rum available from the nearby kegs 🙂