You’re right!

There has been a lack of posts lately.

There’s a reason for this. I’m taking an enforced break from SL to concentrate on building stuff. I’ve downloaded Gimp, some clothes templates, and am experimenting with clothes design. Odd for a naturist, yes, but you have to begin on the design and build elements of SL somewhere. I think I’ve mastered a rather simple bikini! 🙂

The staff continue to mooch around in SL, Pookes and Barbara visiting and writing, Harry photographing (see below), so that we can come back better than ever at some point in the near future.

The aim of my attempting to master clothes design (well, more Gimp than the clothes themselves) is that it should, logically, lead on to designing things. Naturist-related things. In this respect, I’ve mastered a beach ball, lol, and am working on animations to go with it. At this point none of that looks right, but eventually it should mean I can offer some free gifts through the blog, on the marketplace, or through the Moonella Group. Hopefully they will enhance the naturist experience, in their own small way, in SL.

mercedes pose6_001