segway b&w


I saw Segway riding on a RL naturist video shot at Riva Bella in Corsica (see screen cap, above) and thought it looked like it would be amazing fun to do as part of a RL holiday or SL activity. Imagine scooting around some roughish terrain on one of these! Wow! So much fun!

So I looked to see if the machines are in SL. Well, of course they are! Isn’t almost everything in RL replicated in SL?

Rather too expensive to buy as an SL toy, I nonetheless got Harry to head over to the sim in question and take a model. The results are shown below.

seqway_001b seqway2_001b




I’m not particularly one for scouring naturist photo sites, although I do constantly check out sites that are linked to RL naturist locations, and occasionally links do carry me to photo sites.

As a result, I was grateful to reader Donald, who pointed me in the direction of a naturist photo site that has blogged SLN. 🙂

We never know exactly where the mag will end up, do we?ninfae



The Great Swimwear and evening wear Hunt (1)

It’s not a hunt, in the way we’d understand it in SL.

As the weather (almost) becomes spring like, it occurred to me that the naturist ‘season’ in Europe is already underway. It’ll be June until I get to join in, so in the meantime it’s naturism of a virtual variety. And before the full heat of the sun arrives around the Mediterranean there will be days where it’s cooler, breezier and requiring some sort of cover up, particularly in the mornings before the sun fully rises.

With that in mind I’ve set the staff off on a swimwear and evening wear hunt. Were I in Spain or France right now I’d almost certainly be wearing a night dress of some variety, particularly when rolling out of bed. I like my cup of tea on the terrace first thing, but before the sun gets going you can feel the chill.

Anyway, naturism isn’t about being nude 24/7. Pragmatism is involved. If it’s cool, we put something on. If it’s evening, we dress up to go out for dinner. Nude lunches are, in some places, be the order of the day, but as a rule naturists do like to put on their glad rags for their evening meal, almost to the point where it’s a fashion parade and, for many women (I’ve referenced this before) a different outfit each night. As someone once said, for people who spend their holidays naked, they do pack an enormous amount of clothes!

SL’s designers are now releasing more ‘summery’ clothing, almost on a daily basis, and I’ve decided we’ll feature some (free) clothes that fit the bill, that qualify as ‘naturist accessories’, for a few weeks. I’m not going to be blogging clothes ‘forever’, but in the context of a full naturist experience, then some wardrobe is essential in RL, and equally to be expected in SL.

On a breezy Mediterranean coast, in amongst the already bare and bronzed, you would expect to discover people in tank tops, open shirts and so on. This SLN ‘hunt’ will endeavour to bring you some items that you might consider to be worthy of your attention as naturist accessory.

I’m going to kick this off with a lovely mesh top available at Bella’s Lullaby. The outfit also contains a pair of shorts and, indeed, shorts-wearing topless women would be quite numerous in a naturist environment. I’ve really got into mesh, as it sits in a much more realistic manner than sometimes figure hugging clothing. There’s a different level of reality involved, and movement in an item such as a tank top will -as in real life- sometimes be quite revealing.

I’m modelling the top (L$0) at the SLN office at Su Casa, and it certainly kept the early morning chill at bay for a while. I’ve encouraged the other staff to seek out similarly themes items, preferably free, and we can assemble our ‘naturist holiday wardrobe’ over the next month or so.

mesh tank_001 mesh tank2_001 mesh tank3_001Edited to add…I’ve found an pic online that illustrates a very familiar ‘look’ in naturist settings. Often, very often, you’ll see a totally naked man accompanied by his wife/girlfriend who is wearing a tank top of some description



Valley Shore Nudist Retreat for Men

A new naturist location, which I’m guessing is aimed at the gay community, on the basis of its name, has opened.

I headed over to Valley Shore to check it out for this post. No one was around so I wasn’t in a position to ask questions and get any background detailing, so I’m afraid that, for now, a few photos will have to suffice. It’s quite a small build, but I suppose I’m coming around to Ella’s way of thinking in that it forces the social element of SL on those using any particular sim. From a photographer’s point of view I prefer lots of detail and fields upon fields of location, but I can also see the benefit on a cosy build.

valley shore_001valley shore2_001 valley shore3_001 valley shore4_001 valley shore5_001 valley shore6_001 valley shore7_001