As you know, Harry occasionally tries to replicate scenes from RL in SL. Unfortunately he hasn’t been online today, so I’ve had to take up that challenge with photos of my own.

I’m currently rising to Ella’s ‘swimwear hunt’ challenge (post coming soon on the topic), and during my travels I came across a sim offering Hawaiian clothes (free). I’ll link to them in the ‘swimwear’ post that’s pending.

Anyway, I also happened to come across a photo online that sort of captures a sense of Hawaiian-ness (is there such a word?)

Historically, as far as I can gather, Hawaiian hula dancers would have been topless, and the initial photo looks like it was probably taken in a 1960s(?) naturist club.

hawaiin skirts


A bit more research online reveals other, topless hula dancers.6462.1L0108138

I’m guessing the 2nd of these, purporting to be from the 1940s, is rather more a ‘pin up’ shot than an actual, Hawaiian hula dancer.

Well…you know us by now! So utilising the grass skirts and leis picked up for free, I’ve attempted to replicate the mood of these photos with one of my own.