SL replicates RL again

Real naturist photography is, and always has been, incidental to the core of what SLN is about. Despite that, I do like to recreate scenes from RL in SL, particularly if there are locations or accessories that can be utilised to more effectively do a recreation of a RL scene.

I also have difficulties with the republishing of some RL naturist photos. There’s a thousand of those sites online, and we aren’t in the business of being a RL naturist site. We’re focused on SL. We also aren’t in the business of embarrassing RL naturists who may or may not have been photographed with permission, and so for this recreation I’ve heavily edited and disguised the identity of the RL lady featured. I’d normally have shied away totally from using the photograph but the lady’s wearing of nothing but a beaded belt, also available in world as an accessory in a freebie bikini giveaway at the Santorini Club has kind of forced my hand.

Tell us what you think of the use of RL photos. Ella is firmly against the practice, preferring to keep this purely SL, and I’m largely in agreement, but feel there are occasions where the publication of such photos is wholly justified. This is one such instance. What was originally a high definition colour photo has been edited, sepia-ised and soft-focussed to quite literally blur the lady’s identity. She may well be aware of the existence of the photograph, and entirely happy with its presence on the internet. Again, she may not, so I feel I owe it to an anonymous individual to at least create a veneer of anonymity.



I’d love to hear your views on how we approach the matter. While SLN will remain fixed on SL activity, I do believe that there is a case to be made for the occasional use of RL photos, in a proper context.

beaded belt_001bI’ve also sepia-ised and soft-focussed the SL equivalent, to give the two photos some sense of continuity.