The critic

I’m, as usual, spending more time out of world than in world, writing bits and bobs and researching other stuff for SLN this weekend. During a brief foray inworld I was slightly surprised, yet delighted, when the RL Mr. Keng, not the world’s most avid SL fan, but an occasional user and exceptionally supportive and an avid reader of this blog, popped up as being ‘online’ (while being two rooms away from me in our house 🙂 ).the critic_001b

I offered a tp, and he popped over to our Su Casa office, where I’d settled down while simultaneously running other webpages for research purposes, both in the context of SLN and ‘real world work’. the critic2_001b

Virtually looking over my shoulder, he surveyed what was going on in the forthcoming plans for SLN, made a few suggestions, and then -as is his wont- disappeared from SL again as quickly as he’d popped in. I reckon he’s my harshest critic, but it’s always criticism offered with the best intentions. As a result of his few minutes asking questions, and offering advice, the next issue of SLN has now been rejigged, a theme set, and research begun. I can say that the anticipated publication date remains the same, sometime in the first week of June, as the RL Mr. Keng, our children and I will be jetting of for a naturist holiday towards the end of June. It’s my expectation that I’m going to pick up last year’s ‘What I saw’ series, with daily reports from my own naturist experiences, and daily postings to reflect the RL goings-on.the critic3_001b