Ra(n)diness Nude Beach, by guest reviewer Emmanuelle Warden

I sent Ella an IM on discovery of this beach, suggesting she got it reviewed, but was surprised to be invited to do the job myself!

There seems to be a little bit of confusion as to its name. It shows up in search as Radiness, but joining the group sees the tag refer to Randiness. Clearly there’s a typo involved somewhere along the line, but whether the former or latter name is the intended one isn’t clear.

Group notices are in Portuguese, so clearly this is something new in the world of SL naturism, a decent sized, well set out (in tiki style) naturist venue that is either Portuguese or Brazilian in origin. If there’s previously been Portuguese or Brazilian naturist sims in SL, please let me know, I’m not aware of them.

Either way, it puts a new twist on things if it attracts a different audience, a Portuguese speaking audience, to SL naturism, so it can be applauded for that reason alone.

Ella’s ‘genuine naturism’ definition might be ever so slightly tested by the sim, as there are sexual possibilities, but so discreet as to be considered more of an afterthought rather than the sim’s main purpose.

Otherwise, it’s a rather lovely looking sim, spacious, and with all of the usual naturist beach attractions, a sauna, sunbeds, beach bar, dancing poseballs and the rest.radiness dj radiness jacuzzi radiness overview radiness sauna randiness pole randiness sun lounger

It feels like it’s a location that could take off in a big way, offering a little of something for everyone, while retaining quite a confined sense of space that will create a focus on sociability (this is not a criticism, by the way: it feels ‘properly’ sized, imaginatively set out).

Whether Radiness or Randiness, why not give this beach a go?


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