Del-may poses

Something a bit different from me today. I’m always on the lookout for locations and poses that give the photos I take for SLN some character. I was therefore delighted to find Delmay Poses, a store packed with a series of charming and verging on the erotic poses. When I say ‘verging on the erotic’, I mean that, in a proper context, some could be both erotic and equally innocently naturist (or indeed merely ‘romantic’). It will all rather depend on the context you work in.Snapshot_001b

The group gift comes packed inside a camera, complete with photographer pose, existing as a pose in and of itself. I was very impressed by this imaginative use of ‘boxing’ a gift

Grabbing a couple of model friends (thanks to Pam and Jim for being so agreeable to pose), I got them to pose the current group free gift, called ‘Do Not Disturb’, and I’ve had them pose it. Our regular beach house location probably wasn’t the right place to do it -I see it more in terms of a ‘deep in a forest as shafts of light pour through the canopy of leaves’ type of a pose.dnd_001b dnd2_001b

We then headed over to the store where they posed on the demo stands for some photos, nude of course. delray poses1_001b delray poses2_001b delray poses3_001b delray poses4_001b

I’ll certainly be heading back over to pick up a pose or two for future use in my photo sessions. These are located in front of similarly posed backdrops, and I’m going to stick my neck out and say they’re exceptionally well thought out, almost choreographed poses. I certainly could imagine a dance troupe, or avatars in ballet tutus, utilising these as well. There’s also a selection of female and male poses. Again, some aren’t the standard fare, and Pam is posed (kneeling, in b&w) on one of the male poses.

For anyone who likes their poses, for role-play, photography or whatever else, Delmay is certainly worth a visit!


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