Sweet Beans!

I’ve been over at the Sweet Beans cafe for a photoshoot with the lovely, delightful Charlene, my Australian friend and model. I’ve known her a long time, but due to the time differences between us I rarely encounter her online. Last night -into the small hours of Wednesday morning, actually, in UK time- she popped up online while I was sitting up with a glass of wine doing what I often do in SL when not taking photos. Location hunting.

While there’s numerous naturist locations in SL I sometimes like to go beyond naturist locations, as regular readers will know, to just give photos a different backdrop. Sweet Beans is simply a delightful little coffee shop, ideal for a bit of social interaction, and beautifully laid out, so I encouraged Charlene to join me for a photoshoot. Eventually another friend, Jaco, joined us.

There’s no ‘naturist’ input into this post, other than the fact that two of my friends are nude for the shoot. Nevertheless, I think it’s an attractive portfolio and even for those who wish to keep their clothes on, it could be a rewardingly romantic location.sweetbeans1 sweetbeans2 sweetbeans3 sweetbeans4 sweetbeans5 sweetbeans6 sweetbeans7 sweetbeans8 sweetbeans9 sweetbeans10


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