Eden (Naturopolis sim)

Sometimes, you don’t need to go far. Sometimes, it’s possible to stick to one location and enjoy all it has to offer. In our continuing effort to go around the sims and simply enjoy what the builders have laid on for us, SL’s naturist community, we spent a morning in the Eden Naturopolis sim (effectively, the area around the central tp point). Here’s a little photo essay of the morning’s activities.

magic of eden


Yep! Something ever so slightly new (for us) in adding speech bubbles to the photo. What do you think? Like it or loathe it?

eden2 eden3 eden4 eden5 eden7 eden8 eden9 eden11 eden12 eden13

2 thoughts on “Eden (Naturopolis sim)

  1. “The Magic of Eden”, indeed! Thank you for the photo essay. The central tp area is called the Pavilion. I think the pair of you look stunningly beautiful, and both have very natural-looking and realistic avatars – which is something we strongly encourage in Eden. I believe the outdoor gym actually gives you the weights you need to operate the benches. And the yoga mats have some amazing poses and animations in them! And what about that Mud Wrestling arena by the pool? Worth another visit, I’d say!

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