The night’s catch

I like this photo of Harry’s, because it reminds me very much of my RL experiences on holiday.

I holiday close to a quiet fishing village, and the fishing boats’ lights can be seen heading back to port just before the dawn. If I’m up and about -I often am- I would wander down to the harbour to haggle with the skippers about a nice bit of fish, which is then brought back to the apartment we use and cooked for lunch or dinner. You really can’t get much more fresh than that!

I’m ‘vegetarian’ in that I don’t eat meat, but -if pressed- will indulge in a bit of fish on occasions. And holidays are one of those occasions. Besides, prawn paella is probably the best variant of that classic Spanish dish.the night's catch

Sadly, the harbour isn’t in the naturist area of the place we stay, so it means popping on some clothing. Probably a good thing, as it’s early morning when I go, and the sun isn’t up. Even in summer there can be a chill in the Mediterranean until the sun gets up and going.

The location for the photo is the harbour at the French Gay Naturist sim (see the links page for a landmark to it).

Harry reports that he’s getting to take a lot of photos away from the established naturist areas, and that SL’s grid can often be quiet, even deserted, when he’s doing a photo session. Granted, a lot of people congregate to more popular spots for the social interaction, while Harry seeks less populated areas in which to freely snap away, particularly if the sim isn’t naturist, but it rather seems to me that the grid is a little quieter than usual. What has been your experiences of it?

Happily, I can report that the SL naturist community is thriving, with populated, but not overly busy, sims each time I log in and check around them.

More of Harry’s photos will appear later today, and tomorrow, without there being any great sense of ‘naturist news’ attached to them. It’ll be more a case of photos showing people enjoying their Second Lives.