Margaret (Małgorzata Jamroży)

Margaret (Małgorzata Jamroży) is a Polish pop singer who, in February 2013, released a single called ‘Thank You Very Much'(sung in English) . I couldn’t find a wiki entry, but she’s on Facebook, for those of you who have that. (I don’t).

It’s hardly a song for my demographic, but I was intrigued by the video, in which this clothed teenager is ‘going through a fad’ of clothes wearing, to the embarrassment of her naturist parents and their extended family. In the video she is surrounded by a number of (pixellated) naturists. You can see the video on youtube here.maragret3

It’s also an amusing, and very accurate, depiction of teenagers within naturist families. Often crippled by self-doubt and lacking body confidence, and despite having maybe been raised naturist, they hit the teenage years and cover up.



There’s a little ‘twist’ at the end of the video, but I won’t spoil it for you in case you want to see it first. 🙂

Warning: Plot spoiler is revealed further down the page. If you don’t want to learn the ending, go watch the video first!

Margaret goes to her boyfriend’s house, and he is wearing a pair of ‘backless’ jeans. He, too, seems to be making an early attempt at embracing naturism! 🙂

It’s all so true!

While totally unrelated to SL, I thought you’d enjoy how naturism is becoming more ‘mainstream’, and can now (even pixellated) be the core element of modern pop video. While Margaret’s audience might acknowledge the existence of ’embarrassing parents’, naturist or not, I’m delighted to see that naturism is now mainstream-pop/video.

Unfortunately, due to those who, reprehensibly, indulged in ‘age play’ within SL, it’s not really a scene we can expect to see replicated on the grid, something that skews the vision of SL naturism somewhat slightly, in that there are no babies/children/teenagers around. I’m certainly not advocating a return to age-play, no way, but sometimes I think it would be nice to more accurately reflect RL naturism with the possibility of ‘attachment’ children (in swimwear, if necessary). As a naturist mother, I think the opportunity to have ‘attachments’ (not separate avatars) that would reflect my RL situation at a naturist beach or resort would present a more rounded picture of RL naturism. That said, I’m sure a time will come when my own children are wholly embarrassed by their naked parents!

Of course, I do see the difficulties in such an approach, but it might be nice if we could work a way around people who odiously indulge in age-play and continue to marginalise them while presenting a more accurate reflection of RL on the grid.







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