Korean naturism Jangheung 장흥

We have a lot of traffic from Korea (the southern part, anyway, the north spends more time practicing its ‘combat postures’ 😦 …and doesn’t that link show a scary, scary newsreader!)

That led me to consider what, exactly, is the state of naturism in Korea. The answer is there is ‘none’.

What I discovered is that there was a kind of nature park, called Vivi Ecopia, in Jangheung, where those who are so inclined, while segregated by sex, can wander nude through a forest, with an emphasis on well-being, and the place very much linked to a health angle.

That’s very true, of course. There are enormous health (both physical and mental) benefits to going nude where possible.

Whether Vivi Ecopia may actually be regarded as ‘naturist’ in the manner we would understand it is something else. But pointing out the health benefits of naturism (often tied into walking, swimming, etc, as well as healthy eating) is a beginning.

I guess the closest we have to a naturist forest in SL is Lupe’s Magical Forest, and it has a similar sort of effect, in that one can feel better about wandering through nature not doing much of anything if one decides.



Hmm…the page we used to make inworld hyperlinks has changed and I’m not sure how to add a url to Lupe’s now. Typing it into SL’s new page doesn’t even bring it up! That’s how terrific it is! I guess I, and the others, will need to experiment with this to get proper links to locations. In the meantime, I’m afraid you’re going to have to search in world, and tp yourself to Lupes



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