Mykonos (gone in SL)

Away back in May last year we reported from the Mykonos sim (read the article here)



The photograph (above) should also give you a sense of how true to life the architecture (and colours!) were on the sim.

I went back to it today to find it gone. Typical of the pace at which SL changes. More ‘naturist friendly’ than strictly naturist, it was one of those places that was a little beyond the usual beach places in SL in that it did replicate somewhere real, but with a whole different architectural feel and vibe.

The reason why I went back is that I found a couple of photos online from a photo shoot by the legendary naturist photographer Leif Heilberg.

And they immediately sent me scurrying to the now gone Mykonos sim to show you just how accurately the build compared to real life, and how our photos from a year ago also accurately reflected Heilberg’s classic naturist work.

I’ve no problem in showing RL naturist photos in this instance, on the basis that these are exceptionally well known and classic naturist images by one of the titans of naturist travelogues.

0205-GreeceMykonosParadiseBeach 0465-GreeceMykonosParadiseBeach


A shame that such a beautiful build, and the architectural diversity it offered, is now lost to us.




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