‘Skinny dipping wholesome’, suggests British judge.

SS1 SS2 SS3 SS4 SS5 SS6 SS7Sentencing two men -friends- who had gone on a ten hour drunken binge, resulting in a fight in which a total stranger was seriously injured, an English judge was moved to say that, in his day, they’d drink, climb telegraph poles, and maybe go skinny dipping somewhere. There was no violence.

You can read the report, from Britain’s Daily Telegraph, here.

It says a little about British society (and before anyone thinks I’m being critical of Britons, please remember this blog originates in the UK and I’m a Briton too, so feel comfortably qualified to comment on the matter) that our ‘socialising’ is often measured in binge drinking, kebabs at 300am, and a fight which the protagonists can’t remember.

The comments have had an interesting by-product, in that they’ve raised the profile on skinny-dipping (and by extension, naturism) into the public consciousness in the UK in the past couple of days, with skinny dipping, rather than binge drinking, becoming part of the national debate, in print and on electronic media. Sad, too, I think, that the effects of binge drinking are now so commonplace that they’re immediately ‘invisible’ into the often sad state of British society, and it’s other comments that we pick up on. It’s also sad, in a way, that skinny dipping is still seen as something ‘odd’ and ‘weird’ in British society. I can’t imagine the same debate even being part of a German media agenda, for example.

Part of the subsequent debate then focused on The Secret Swimming Club, an ad hoc ‘flash (!) mob’ collective, who organise dips in open and often publicly accessible water. You can see a video here, check out their website here, or check them out on social media, Facebook and Twitter. Another organisation, who aren’t (as far as I know) ‘skinny dipping’ orientated, is Wild Swimming, but who do also organise swimming in bodies of open water. Is this just a uniquely British thing, or do other nations have their own equivalents? Let me know.

It’s sometimes fun to go ‘skinny dipping’ in SL, for precisely the same reasons it’s fun to go skinny dipping in RL. A frisson of excitement, danger and the possibility of getting caught.

Dropping, naked, into a non-naturist sim, using certain search terms like ‘river’, offers this feeling of danger and excitement. Have you ever done this? Would you consider doing this? Have you taken photos and would you care to share?