SL is my social media



I was asked recently if I would consider making a Facebook page for SLN. The answer is ‘no’.

I know many SL bloggers link to social media, but it’s not something I’ll be doing for ‘SLN’, and not something I do on a personal level either, as I simply can’t stand Facebook. I resent the advertising, I resent the ‘user as commodity’ element of it, I resent meaningless messages from people I barely know about being on buses, or the state of their cold. I really don’t care and I manage well enough without it, thanks. SLN will manage without it, too.

As you’ve maybe noticed, there’s been fewer posts in the past week, and that’s likely to continue up until we publish SLN9, in about 4 weeks time. ALL of my SL/blogging time is, as usual, going into that.

Reader Kym was in touch recently, having read our ‘Naked Kayaking’ post, and suggested we (re)visit ‘Naked Dreams’. I’ve IM’ed Pookes, who did the initial kayaking post, and asked her to follow that up as a standalone post, so that may turn up in a few days. Other than that, I don’t anticipate too many posts over the next couple of weeks (although, as usual, it only takes one thing to happen, one new sim to open or close, and our plans substantially alter) as we pour our energies into SLN9.


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