Shortage of posts?

‘I know she said there’d be a slow-down of posts in advance of SLN9…’.

Yes, but that’s not the reason why there’s been no posts recently.

I have the builders working next door. In the past three weeks they’ve a) destroyed the hedge between us and the property they’re working on, b) wrecked part of our carport and c) worst of all, dug through the pavement and destroyed the entire road’s internet and satellite television connection (at least those homes beyond us).

Cue irate householders, including an incandescent Ella. Not only has this affected my social interneting, it has (possibly more importantly) affected my work! Today, finally, I’ve got the internet back, with the worrying prospect of the repaired footpath outside that carries the cable now being marked with fluorescent paint that suggests water piping is next. I bet you that the idiot builders manage to sever both that and the recently repaired cable ducting next week, or the week after, or in a month’s time!. Grrrrr!!!!!

Thanks goodness we’re off to Spain in just a few short weeks (with the worrying prospect that, on our return, we find our entire house demolished 😦 )

Anyway, it’s now a game of ‘catch up’ to get all of the SLN9 articles finished, assembled into some sort of order, and also get whizzing around the sims in order to see what decelopments there may have been in the past fortnight and update accordingly. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get all of this done in time for our anticipated publication date, but I’ll try my best.

turtle6_001 turtle7_001Given that there’s so much to do, I’ve (lazily) just added a couple of ‘stock’ photos to this post, from a session Harry did at Turtle Coast. That’s him in the photos, hamming it up for the camera beside a tiki style boat, with some nice poses, in Turtle’s lagoon.