Terrific! I’ve discovered a new (to me) shop called Damage, which rather happily features many nude models (bots) showing off shapes to full effect.

Too often shops (and bloggers) are overly coy when demonstrating skins and/or shapes, resorting to ridiculous pasties instead of nipples, emasculated males instead of penises.

Therefore it was rather lovely to discover ‘Damage’ and check out a wide range of fully nude shape models, as well as some sexy, affordable wear, some of which would easily fit into the ‘naturist accessories’ category.

wet T at damage_001B

Affordably priced wet T shirt at ‘Damage’

peephole at damage_001B

Peephole bra at ‘Damage’

odette jolie at damage_001B

One of the (many) nude model shapes to be seen at ‘Damage’

As time progresses we see some shops be more ‘at ease’ with nudity in store, or occasionally in blogs. I hope it’s a trend that continues.


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