Angela Merkel nude?

I’ve been passed a photograph that claims to show German Chancellor Angela Merkel as an 18 year old naturist.

The claim gathered so much credence that the likes of the Huffington Post were reporting it, but also claiming it was a hoax, an April Fool’s joke.

The Huffington Post’s photo, censored, runs thus…



Of course, our curiosity was raised, so we went in search of the uncensored original and quite readily found…



We’re kind of in agreement with the suggestion that it’s a hoax, and not the future German leader enjoying naturism. I don’t like the woman, purely on the basis that she seems blind to the fact that Europeans are rejecting her singular vision of a single currency and is determined to push on with the project. I might, however, warm to her ever so slightly if she was, at some point in the past, a committed naturist. It wouldn’t make me like her, but it would certainly make her appear more human.

Born in 1954, in East Germany, she certainly has some credentials for being in the right place and time to indulge in ‘FKK’ bathing. But I still don’t think it’s her.

It got me thinking how our leaders legislate on us from a perspective that suggests they’ve never been naked in their lives, never consumed drugs, never had sex until they’d tripped to the altar with another virgin, never been drunk, don’t have a tobacco habit, never had a kebab, chips, a McDonalds or any other ‘unhealthy’ sort of food. It makes them appear slightly…well, unhinged would be my assessment.

I like the idea that figures on the world or national stage just might have had a normal, slightly silly teenage and university years, and would have more respect for them if they were open and honest about this stuff. If the President of the United States has been drunkenly sick in a gutter in Hawaii when growing up, so what? If the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has inhaled cannabis smoke, so what? If the Chancellor of Germany has been a teenage naturist, so what?

The most laughable claim I saw was that the photo was circulated by ‘the KGB’ in revenge for Russians feeling the pinch as a result of Germany’s pressure on Cyprus to ‘tax’ every Cypriot bank account, a move that affected many very rich Russians, during the current Euro-crisis. (Whisper it quietly, the ‘KGB’ ceased to be a long time ago, replaced by the FSB).

I think our respect rises on the confession of each normal youthful experience.

Anyway…here’s Angela Merkel’s teenage avatar (lol! 🙂 ) in Second Life…or not. You decide 🙂 They’re both on a landing stage beside water, so it must be the avatar the Chancellor uses, right? 🙂




Art on display

Manet’s ‘Olympia’ and the painting that inspired it, Titian’s ‘Venus or Urbino”, are currently on display, side by side, in Venice. 000_Par7539545 Naturally, I couldn’t let an opportunity to replicate a familiar kind of pose, from two great artists, go unmarked. tumblr_mlz2eygZMQ1r76dh6o1_250

Titian’s ‘Venus of Urbino’


So…armed with a couple of models, and after some time spent searching out a suitable location, here’s my own version of the pose for the SL generationvenus olympia complete