Welcome to summer!

It’s official! Welcome to summer! Or, if you’re like us, what passes for summer in your part of the northern hemisphere. Yes, summer officially began in the top half of the world on June 1.

We’re sure that big ball of yellow burning hydrogen and helium is up there somewhere, and we’ll let you know when it makes its annual appearance (usually sometime between 2.30pm and 4.12pm on a Wednesday afternoon in August! 🙂 ) with us in the UK. Otherwise, we’ll keep our galoshes close to hand.

Some of you may be luckier than us, and experience heat, bright sunshine, no wind, tepid sea temperatures, a need to wear less, barbecues…that sort of thing, and if you want to replicate that feeling in SL, maybe even inside the house after the RL sun has set on yet another glorious day, then there’s the Summer Fashion Fair.

Dozens of tented stalls on warm sand, and each one with either a free gift or a L$1 dollarbie available. And what a range of superb gifts (as well as items for sale at more regular prices) there is available!

ALL of the items in the photos are available for either L$1 or L$0.

As it’s not going to be a kind of permanent fixture, we’ve opted not to put this stuff on the ‘Naturist Accessories’ page, but there certainly are some wonderful things for naturists and ‘textiles’ (non-naturists) alike. Even if you don’t dare to bare in SL, you’ll find something for your at the Summer Fashion Fair.

We haven’t shown many of the other free items available that are more in the ‘summer clothing’ category. To see the full range of what’s available, you’d need to pop along and see for yourself.

Skin, shape and hair(s), model’s own.


A nice sun hat and wraparound mesh dress


A bag, sunglasses and beach ball (yay! a true naturist accesory if ever there was one, particularly in vintage photographs of a time when naturists were ‘nudists’, lol)


Our model demonstrates a pose (one of three) that shows off some exercise type movement


Another set of poses (again, a set of three) wherein our model decides to refresh with a slice of tasty watermelon


Another of the 2nd set of poses, this time our model is found with those seaside favourites, a bucket and spade.

Whatever your age, who can resist sculpting sand in some shape or form, even if it’s only creating little mounds of it between your feet?

And isn’t there something terribly therapeutic about moulding warm, grainy sand with your toes?


Beach sandals and a belly chain. The sandals come with a HUD, presumably to match skin tones.

We didn’t try this out, but we are impressed with the model’s nicely manicured toes.


Finally, we’re showing a beach wrap, also available at the Summer Fashion Fair.

Even if you aren’t naturist, this would look terrific casually tied over a bikini.

Ella & Pookes