Vargas Girls

Do you know what Vargas Girls are?

They’re the work of Peruvian painter, Alberto Vargas, and were ‘pin up’ girls in states of semi-undress, and whose work was, arguably, pivotal in the development of ‘Playboy’ magazine.



If the SL generation know him at all now, it’s probably through his almost final works such as the cover for The Cars album ‘Candy O’, (see above) although previous generations might have been familiar with him through reproductions (or pastiches) of his work on the nose cones of WW2 aircraft (see below)08c

Oddly enough, despite being decades before my time, it’s through the WW2 reproductions of work originally appearing in Esquire magazine that I first became aware of his work.

Anyway…I was looking through some of Harry’s more recent work (he has a little non-publicised web presence where I can view and select some of his work for SLN) and I spotted a shot, taken at Eden Naturopolis, of a girl modelling for him in Eden’s free swimsuit. Pop along and slap their board to receive your own free, sheer, gorgeous swimsuit (I own one myself 🙂 ) and in no time you, too, could look like a Vargas girl, because there’s something about that swimsuit that just says ‘1940s/50s glamour’.

I thought it might have been Harry’s photography, but no. I scrolled through my own inventory and tried on my own copy of it and, sure enough, suddenly, I too looked like a Vargas girl.

I shan’t reproduce my own Vargas look, lol, and just say that Harry’s portrait of one of his models just reproduces it perfectly.clementine eden_001 copy
Why not pop along to Eden’s central tp point and grab a free copy off their board?