How embarrassing!

Yes, I’m embarrassed. Not so much as being found naked on the grid, I’m a naturist, remember? More that I logged in while feeling tired after a day that involved an exceptionally early start, another 500am sit at Heathrow, a bit of RL business between flights, and home by late afternoon. The third time I’ve done that this week!

I’m embarrassed because I put my feet up on the desk and closed my eyes for ‘five minutes’, and it turned into more than an hour! So while I was AFK, dozing, an avi called Rula Rayna stopped by, said ‘hi!’, but I didn’t respond because I was dozing in RL.

At the time I was experimenting with new skins, a new look.

So to Rula I say ‘I’m sorry, I wish I’d been awake to say hello back to you!’. 🙂

But while I was asleep, Rula took a few snaps of me, and passed them onto me, because she, too, is a SL photographer, and very, very talented, judging by her flickr page.

I have no embarrassment in reproducing the photos she took.

Snapshot _ Eden Eagle - Central East, Eden Eagle (50, 181, 23) Snapshot2 _ Eden Eagle - Central East, Eden Eagle (50, 181, 23) Snapshot3 _ Eden Eagle - Central East, Eden Eagle (50, 181, 23)

That’s Rayna, I guess, in the second photo,as well as me! 🙂 And Rayna, if you’re reading (I’ve IMed you), feel free to pass on any naturist style photos you want. I’m certain Ella would be more than happy to share any naturist photos you have. That particular skin probably won’t become permanent…I’m still undecided…I picked it up as a current group gift from  the Jstylez store, for free. Slap the joiner board and scroll through their notices for the free gift.

If I do, or if I don’t, I’ll always have these photos to remind me of a brief(less) encounter with Rayna!


Prism Style/Desigual Style

As I prepare for my holiday in Spain one of the things that helps elongate the holiday all the way home is the presence of a Desigual store at Alicante airport.

I love Desigual! They’re a Spanish fashion store and they have a style that is both recognisable and unique. You can check out their RL online store here. The RL Mr.Keng rolls his eyes whenever we get through to the international departures pier, because he knows his credit card is going to take a bashing over the next hour or so! 🙂 Certainly I would prefer to skip a couple of meals out, and cook cheaper in our apartment, in the hope that I can save enough Euros in order to spend them all…all!!!….at Desigual.

While there’s probably no intent to replicate Desigual’s style, Prism have a wonderful splash of individual, recognisable style and colour in SL. It reminds me of Desigual a little bit, and I know for certain that when I visit it I’m coming out with a slightly larger inventory and slightly lower L$ bank balance than when I tp’ed in.

OK, I hear you ask…what has this got to do with SL naturism?

Not a lot, actually, but the new, June, group gift is out, and it’s certainly worth picking up for the shoulder-slung towel alone, which certainly fits in with my concept of ‘naturist accessory’. The sun hat that is part of the gift also readily qualifies as ‘naturist accessory’.

Joining the Prism group is free, and there’s a wall of past group gifts which can also be purchased (L$0), and they’d certainly -if replicated in RL- form part of my ‘evening style’ wardrobe when naturists dress up and head off to the slew of restaurants in the vicinity of the place where we holiday.

el towel topless_001

I’m wearing the hat, towel and bikini briefs in this photo, just to give you a sense of what the set’s all about. I won’t blog the inevitable full price ‘Prism style’ dresses I added to my inventory, though 🙂