Shiny skin

Shine (skins) have a new group gift out.

It’s the ‘Ogg’ skin, a nice tanned skin, perfect for summer. Joining the group is free, and you can pick up this current group gift on the back wall of their store.

You can see the full effect of the skin in the photo below.

shine skin full_001b


Nice, isn’t it? However, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the gift also includes numerous tattoo layers, for teeth, cleavage, freckles and…pubic hair!

As pubic hair (yes? no? Sculpted?) is an issue that vexes naturists, I thought I should highlight the three different pubic hair options available in the pack. There’s a ‘full’ pubic hair (although Shine’s concept of ‘full’ and mine differ substantially 🙂 ), a sculpted heart version, and a landing strip version. The three are shown below.

shine skin pubic tattoo_001bshine skin shaved heart pubic tattoo_001bshine skin shaved strip pubic tattoo_001bThese close-ups should also draw attention to the fact that the skin is superbly detailed by fact of the presence of a couple of ‘moles’ in the skin. Incredible detail! I like this skin a lot. I like the variety of tattoos available a lot, allowing the owner to tweak the look a little while remaining in the same basic package. This is, all told, an excellent skin package. Hopefully other designers may also think of extending the ‘add ons’ in the same manner. I think we know, girls, that how we look ‘down under’ varies with the seasons, and an even fuller ‘bush’ would, in my opinion, finish off the Shine skin package superbly.


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