Naked Surfers

This little session covers about three different themes/pages at once!

Because we’re doing a ‘history of naturism’ theme for SLN9, I’ve been researching historical naturism for the purpose of getting the ‘feel’ for the photography right.

And I stumbled across the third of the photographs here, the RL nude (if not nudist, I can’t be certain) surfers. Well, that looked like an opportunity to explore some ‘vintage’ feel SL photography in keeping with the RL shot, keep the current theme du jour of historical naturism going, and also actually use the photos from this session, which don’t (unless we make SLN9 bigger and bigger!) make the cut as things stand. I’d been doing a shoot with Pierre (remember him? Did a little bit of writing in previous issues of SLN before RL got in the way in a big way…maybe coming back to do some more writing on an occasional, freelance basis), saw the prop, remembered the RL photo and ‘hey, presto!’, we have a small ‘SL replicates RL’ shoot.

naked surfers2

I step out from behind the camera (I have it on self-timer, you understand? 🙂 ) to pose with Pierre and a surfboard

naked surfers3

We try the shot from a different angle

nude surfers1

And the RL photo that inspired our SL shoot.