WNBR 2013

We couldn’t reasonably run an SL naturist blog without mentioning the ‘World Naked Bike Ride’ each year. We’re currently in the middle of the WNBR ‘season’. Rides took place in London and Brighton last weekend, Portland did a night one, Manchester (UK) is next weekend. Other events will be taking place in June throughout the northern hemisphere.

Check out the WNBR UK website here. There’s also an official tumblr site here.

Lots of videos and photos are already up online from the London and Brighton events, including a 12 minute video here. The fantastic weather we’ve had recently in the UK (as opposed to our friends and cousins in central Europe) must surely have helped swell the numbers.

We found an SL bicycle shop called the Prim Peddler, in which you can rezz a bike and ride it around an urban setting -pretty much ideal for any replication of the WNBR!

There also appears to be an SL group called the SLNBR (Second Life Naked Bike Ride) which may have been attempting to replicate the ride in SL but which appears to be inactive. We shall attempt to find out more about this and contact them.

As a result of there being a lack of SL Naked Bike Riding activity, I found it incumbent upon me to at least rezz a bike and cycle around an urban setting in homage to the RL version.

barbara bike_001bbarbara bike2_001b barbara bike3_001b




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