A couple more iphone photos

I’ve done this sort of thing before, and will again, because I like taking iphone photos of my monitor and then twiddling around with a series of filters to create a whole new ‘feel’ to the photos.

It degrades the photos, for one thing, and I think it creates more of a sense of these being snaps, maybe as taken on an iphone in the first, rather than second instance.

I note that Barbara has posted up a couple of replicated WNBR photos in this post. What I’ve done is snap the screen, tweak it, and maybe given it a little bit of a sense of me being there, just photographing a participant in the protest/cycle run (it’s originally Barbara’s own photograph).

The other photo, of Richie, is a session that I did a while back and was never used. I’ve done a series of these ‘degraded’ photos, but as some will be used in the upcoming issue of SLN I’ve decided to hold these back…for now!

IMG_1289 copy IMG_1291 copy


As you can see, I’ve ‘framed’ them. While neither of the examples above qualify as ‘nude art’, erotica, glamour or anything else, Ella has suggested that I do make a series of framed prints, which we’ll be offering for free through the ‘Moonella’ group. Members will be able to therefore ‘buy’ some naturist art prints to hang on the walls of their SL naturist homes, should they wish. There is also some discussion about whether or not we hold an exhibition of SLN ‘art’ in a SL gallery somewhere. It’s not something I’ve previously thought about doing, so it would be great if you could give me some feedback on whether it’s a good idea. Ella and Pookes are enthusiastic about it while I’m more reticent.


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