Not sure how we ended up on this naturist search engine, as we work it organically, word of mouth, no advertising.

However…this post has arrived on picemony. Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 23.08.34 It’s the posting titled ‘At the Club’ (a party at Howie’s apartment, spread over two days from ages ago, but still an enormously popular posting).

I should point out that there was another party there last week, and there are photos in Harry’s SLR camera awaiting publication. Due to RL commitments I didn’t get to go, but I think Pookes was there for a while, according to an IM I received.


So here’s (publisher) Howie at the party with a female guest whom, I guess, we’ll see named in due course. It’s down to when Harry goes his editing thing! 🙂


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