A new model! 🙂

This is Antoinette, and I happened to bump into her at Eden while scouring the clubs for locations. She readily agreed to pose, and her ‘payment’ was the framed ‘burnt’ photo (the fourth on this page) for the wall of her SL home, as well as copies from the remainder of the shoot.

Nice poses! (all currently free at a shop called tram, apparently. New to me, but I’ll certainly ask my usual models to hop over there and pick up copies for themselves).

antoinette1 antoinetteb antoinettec antoinetted


I’ve a rare day off work today, without anything really pressing on my time, other than wander down to the High Street of the village where I live and pick up a hard copy of my favoured daily paper -I usually end up reading it on line in airport departure lounges 😦 – and have a bit of a read while sipping tea (I’m British, we drink tea) so I’m going to be out and about and around the sims snapping away and, later on, posting to SLN.


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