Here’s something of a naturist perennial we’ve not covered before. Bodypainting.

From naturist clubs to the WNBR, bodypainting contests are a regular occurrence, and even show up in mainstream media.

The first instance I remember of it is former British Olympic heptathlete Denise Lewis bodypainted (top half) for a magazine. Of course, there may have been many, many instances of that sort of thing being done prior to that, but that’s the first photo that I recall in the style.

denise lewis


Since then, the practice has just ballooned out of all proportion, from the sublime…

body-paint for female




…to the ridiculous (and amateurish!)





although I’m pretty clear in my mind that the photo below is probably the one that made me laugh most during the course of researching this post.



Not, obviously, the same body painter as the one who did the following (or maybe they just practiced?)

face mounty


The time was when you could find anything that existed in the real world in Second Life, but with something of a recession and shops closing, we weren’t sure if we’d find body paint. But, happily, we did at the Anthropology Main Store.

A whole couple of walls of ’em, so if you want to join the body painting revolution in an SL context, now’s your chance!

Anthropology also do a series of fun tank tops and tatts. I’m not overly disposed to tatts, in RL or in SL, but I did see one that tickled my fancy. What do you think?

bambi and thumper


🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway, there’s a photo studio next door, so that’s exactly where we headed for a bodypainting photoshoot, and the results (some of them anyway) are below.

paint1 paint2 paint3 paint4


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