Molly in support of Femen

Working with another new model, Molly, meant I didn’t get to post as much as planned because, on the back of Ella’s earlier post, we decided to do a bit of re-enactment. 🙂

Notice the ‘zebra’ styled shorts worn by the Femen protestors in that post. It proved to be a simple task to make a pair from scratch using inventory items (there’s a ‘zebra’ fabric in there) and a new pair of shorts were had.

I’m not going to get into the politics of the case, simply to say that you can’t accuse SLN of not reacting to news events, as here’s our very own graphic re-enactment of the Femen protestors’ experiences. I’ve nothing to say about Femen’s actions in Algiers, and Molly (despite the title I’ve given the post) isn’t siding with anyone. It was just the opportunity to have SL replicate RL -one of my favourite themes, remember?



There’s no embassy that we could find in SL, so we opted for Molly holding a topless protest on the steps of a town hall.


Molly is taken to a police station. The desk sergeant has just nipped out to Krispy Kreme‘s, by the way. 🙂


She subsequently appears in the dock of a SL courthouse. For ‘public indecency’, baring her breasts in a non-adult sim 😉 she is taken away to a jail.


Looks like it’s solitary confinement for Molly! Oh dear! They’re only breasts. Not actually offensive.


Molly fought the law and the law won

If she’s going to be ‘breaking rocks in the hot sun’, it might be best if she took off her shirt…er…hang on…isn’t that how all this started? 🙂

We had a lot of fun making this short photo-essay, and we hope you like it. Molly will be available for modelling assignments in about three months….


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