A village in Provence

Here is another of those lovely little picturesque sims that, while not naturist, is certainly suitable for -at the very least- a bit of naturist photography.

french village1

Unless I’m mistaken, that’s cloudy Pernod in the bottle on the table. Nice detailing!

I love finding or, more often, having Harry find, these sort of places. Even if I don’t personally indulge in any naturist activity at these places, they’re lovely to poke around. And in a sense they’re almost like part of a naturist holiday anyway. Even if you’re staying in a naturist resort/camp site/hotel, there are times when you do throw on a sun dress or shorts and T shirt and make your way to ‘textile’ locations, villages just beyond where you stay, to soak up a bit of local ambience.

This village in Provence kind of straddles both the ‘textile’ -there are a thousand little villages like this in France- and the naturist, the layout being a little reminiscent of the Ile du Levant, a French naturist island in the Mediterranean.

I suppose that gives our model some justification for stripping off and wandering au naturel, even though she violates the Ile du Levant’s dress code by not wearing ‘le minimum’.



‘Le Minimum’ is just a little triangular cloth that, historically, got around the question of what’s acceptable in public places -shops, etc- or not. The rule, I believe, is that you must wear ‘le minimum’ in the boulangerie or boucherie, and that failure to do so contravenes the clothing code, although nowadays a sarong or pareo does an equally good job.

You can see images of the Ile du Levant in Jean Miaille’s photography here and here and here. In one, you’ll even see girls wearing nipple pasties…how very SL!!!!! 🙂 Almost all non-naturist photos, but totally enchanting vistas of Ile life.

Despite violating the dress code, there wasn’t a gendarme around, and our model seemed to get away with it.

french village3

The windows on the cafe certainlly need cleaning!


Our model poses beside a typically French, Citroen box van.


Our model check the ‘cartes postales’ to send home to insanely jealous family and friends.

To have one model jailed is unfortunate, two have two jailed on consecutive days would just have looked careless. Right, Harry?