Postcard from Spain Part Two : Day 1

I arrived in Spain at lunchtime, and we’ve now made our way to our usual apartment, one of several surrounding a communal swimming pool in a gated community, and we’ve begun settling in. As with last September, when I ran the ‘postcard from Spain’ series (which can be viewed here (SLN website page 22) and here (SLN website page 23) )

Almost all the food we need has already been laid in by our ever attentive ‘landlady’, so not much of a shop was required this afternoon. My only shopping requirement was to wander the 200m wearing only a purse 🙂 to pick up a couple of ice creams for the children. As I write, two tired toddlers are sleepily munching their way through some dinner, and they’ll probably head off to bed soon-ish, even earlier than they would at home, thanks to an extraordinarily early start from home.

I’ve already said hello to our friendly, retired and semi-permanent German neighbours, whom we’ve known for several years now. Their English is poor, my German non-existent, and so we speak to each other in a mixture of French and Spanish 🙂 Ah, the wonders of holidays!!

And so I’m currently sitting under the shade of the balcony’s awning, and -like the kids- also feeling the pace a little bit. If I stand up I can probably see Mr. Keng getting in a reviving swim in that pool, or chatting with one of the regular neighbours if there are any around, and it’ll be my turn next! 🙂

Hopefully that will revive me enough to enjoy what looks like a delicious bottle of rioja left for us by Sra. S!!!!

One of the advantages of using the same place time and again is that we ‘hit the ground running’ tomorrow. Currently, a hot sun has started to make moves at heading off to bed itself, and I dare say the children will drift off to some sounds from Mr. Keng’s ipod and speakers while I’m taking my own dip. We’ll light some candles on the balcony and just enjoy some lazy, quality ‘us’ time after that. Tomorrow? Don’t know. We’ve no plans, no schedule. We jsut go with the flow.

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will note that there’s still no sign of the now overdue SLN9. Apologies for that, but I got waylaid by holiday preparations. We’re actually good to go, and the press of a few buttons would publish it, but in the likelihood that I’ll be doing the ‘Postcard’ series for the next eight days, I’ve decided to hold it back until I get home to the UK, and then get further waylaid by doing all the washing (substantial, and odd, given that we’re all bare most of every day!). I’m anticipating some further excursions around the grid for the Fourth of July…it’s always a good time for free ‘stars n stripes’ bikinis, etc….so I’ve pencilled SLN9 in now for publication some time around 6-13 July.

Of course, I want to maximise the naturist season, so SLN10already in preparation- will appear at the end of August, and a further episode of ‘Postcards’ will pop up in September. That’s your SL Naturist summer mapped out for you!!!postcard1 border

As a result, I’ve not seen ‘much’ to put on today’s postcard, but while I, and others, were getting served naked at the cafe…naked men drinking beers, sarong wearing women, swimsuit clad families eating a late lunch or tapas…I spotted a topless mum, towel slung over her shoulder, fussing over her children in that animated manner the Spaniards often have. In a way I felt I’d come home, rather than travelled from home, such is the relaxed familiarity of such scenes.


nb: as all ‘postcard’ scenes are effectively ‘posed’, the main model this week will be either myself, as myself, Mr.Keng, as himself (but two of us having free time to log into SL simultaneously is highly unlikely) or one of my two ‘alts’, ‘Eve’ (Sl name SLNModel1) or ‘Adam’ (SLNModel2)

Models, as posed, will be credited accordingly.