Postcard from Spain Part Two : Day 2(1)

My, but it’s hot!!!!

Just gone 515am here, people, and I’m already on the balcony because the apartment feels completely airless. Not quite at the point of sunrise yet, as it is in the photo, but we’ll get there in a couple of hours. In the meantime it’s a nice cup of tea for me and, having stepped out of the heat of indoors, there’s a refreshing chill in the air, so I’m actually flitting between having a T shirt on, then off, then on again! 🙂

I do intend to keep you updated on events as our holiday unfolds, and attempt to replicate RL scenes in an SL context, but it will be much later in the day before I get the chance to get another update…maybe late into the evening. And that’s because today isn’t going to be much of a naked day…two small children love the nearby aquapark, and so it’s uncomfortable swimwear on for the short drive (about two minutes drive, actually, but the heat and walk would be too much for the little ones, so we’ll drive) there and find a suitably shaded spot for ‘base camp’. And when we do get back from there it’s even more clothes (shorts and a T shirt, anyway) while I do a little bit of  a shop. We get through generous amounts of water, and bread is always best fresh, not quite keeping fresh, even refrigerated, overnight, so it’ll be an afternoon’s shopping for me. After that, though we’re all set, and I’m sure we’ll try and fit in an evening dip in the Med -or at least time building sandcastles once the heat of the sun has receded once more- later on.

coffee_001b sunrise_001b



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