Postcard from Spain: Day 3(2)

We have French neighbours, a lovely, outgoing couple whom we know extremely well. And while we’re back at our apartment, having a ‘siesta’, they’re entertaining another French couple for lunch.

The differences between the French and British approach to eating could not be more stark!

While we nibble on sandwiches, our neighbours cook a full meal, and then occupy themselves with conversation and a bottle of wine for a couple of hours.

Our children have collapsed into their beds, exhausted by the heat, so it has been time to enjoy a little time on the balcony, drinking in the marvellous smells that our neighbours conjure up daily.

The quarter on the neighbouring balcony are all in their 60s, and I admit I was a little surprised by the visiting wife’s tattoos.

older tattoo2


Normally, one wouldn’t readily associate tattoos with older women.


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