Postcard from Spain : Day 3(3)

The afternoon clouded over a little, so much so that we’ve come indoors and I’ve popped on a ‘grandad’ style shirt over a T shirt in order to keep warm!

Earlier, before these thin, wispy clouds gathered (still enough to take the edge of the sun and the heat) I went for a walk. And through a hedge was another ‘granny’ type, German judging by the conversation she was having with an unseen, unidentified male. Husband, in all likelihood.

This ‘granny’, in the brief glimpse I saw of her, had an aura of being an absolute beauty in her youth. Sadly, society never often attributes ‘beauty’ to an older woman. ‘Handsome’ is often the best she can manage. It’s rather sad, as today seems to have been a day of observing older and lovely looking ladies.

I found myself thinking about how this woman got into naturism. Being German, did she always have that easy-going relationship with nudity all Germans seem to have? Does she invite her grand-children to her apartment in Spain, to have three generations of naturists on the beach together?



Not fully nude, I could just about spot, through the hedge, that she was wearing a pair of white panties or bikini briefs, so I’ve posed this accordingly.

ella grandad shirt_001b


And here’s the scene on our balcony, just about now!!! 🙂

That’s it for today, I think. We’re having a nap soon to refresh us for the evening ahead, and entertainment in the nearby bars.


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