Naturist ‘Swingers’

Thankfully, there isn’t much evidence of naturist ‘swingers’ around the globe, as the two things are largely mutually exclusive.

Of course, that’s not to say that no such places exist, Cap D’Agde (France) springs to mind, maybe Hedonism in the Carribean, but I suspect that almost without exception it’s ‘swingers’ using naturism to legitimise their presence.

Can you imagine if someone tried to start a ‘swingers resort’? There would be some opposition. What has happened is that ‘swingers’ have latched onto genuine naturism for their own purposes. It wouldn’t be my thing, and I’m resentful of naturism being associated with such things, but I have to acknowledge that they do exist.

I received a group notice earlier today announcing a new location ‘Amigos Swingers’ had opened up. Hispanic by language, I popped over there to check it out, and there are certainly a copious amount of sex pose balls around. I didn’t look around in depth, as it really falls outside our remit for ‘genuine’ naturism, but I thought you might like the link anyway.

amigos swingers_001


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