Postcard from Spain : Day 4(1)

I went down to the beach earlier, and followed a middle-aged couple from their apartment all the way to the sea. The photo isn’t quite accurate, in that they were both wearing sun hats and carrying beach umbrellas and bags for what looks like it was going to be a day on the playa.

The woman wore bikini briefs all the way to the beach, but shortly after setting up ‘camp’ for the day she stripped them off. Sometimes, it seems, naturists, particularly women, do like to cover up a little on the trip to and from the beach, and will don a pair of bikini briefs or a sarong.

I do this myself, sometimes. It’s as though we do feel the need for a little cover-up on the route to the beach. Thereafter, of course, we’re quite happy getting naked.

middle aged couple_001b


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