Postcard from Spain : Day 5(2)

Although this is getting published on ‘day 6’, it stands on the cusp of day 5/6, as at midnight, as promised, there were random acts of nudity taking place.

The tradition runs that you write your mother’s name on a piece of paper, then walk backwards into the sea naked at midnight. 🙂

Well…of course I had to do it!!!!

And it has one of those rare occurrences in which there are photographs of me, lol, certainly so ill-defined that I’ll quite happily post them (probably next week when I get home and claim them off the camera card. Thanks to the passing teenage nude couple who cheerfully took my camera and did the clicking for me.

Oh yes, there was something remarkably communally spirited about the whole event, with several teenage to certainly 50s-odd people, from what I saw, as far as I could see under a perigee moon, communally naked and happy. 

st juan2_001b


Ella walks backwards, naked, into the sea at midnight on the festival of St Juan


This post is dedicated to the memory of Helena ‘Keng’


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